Creekholme Principal Susan Cunningham has two decades experience working for the State government. Susan’s work comprised interpretation and analysis of data with reference to legislation and standard protocols.

For the most part these analyses were based on information provided by clients, and resulted in numerous internal reports, which her seniors relied on in decision-making.

A large part of government work is recording details for later use – particularly in the event of reviews or disputes. Susan knows how important it is to be thorough and comprehensive in both undertaking the work and in documenting the information sources and the findings.

Prior to her employment with government Susan undertook academic research where her ability to read and recall information enabled her to identify anomalies in data that flagged areas for closer scrutiny.

In her local community, Susan has solved a history mystery of almost a century’s duration after several years of private research. It’s these abilities – persistence and attention to detail - which make Susan an excellent researcher.

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