Our focus is on searching thoroughly for the information that you need. All we need from you is a description of what information you are seeking and we’ll do the rest.

In addition to open access information in cyberspace, we have access to global and regional databases which hold information that is not open access. Those databases hold historic as well as recent information. Note that a user fee may be incurred for downloading information from these sources.

We are part of a professional network we can consult in the event that sources are obscure or hard to access. This network enables us to access colleagues with experience in specialist fields.

We can also act as your agent. This may be useful in a situation where searches are time-consuming or involve liaising across time zones or with sources which are not yet available on-line. As an example, the family history archives in South Africa were primarily hard copy until recently, so we undertook searches there using email to contact staff and place orders for scans of documents, and mailed bank orders to make payments.

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David French

The Investment Collective

I became aware of Susan Cunningham’s work first through short reports she had written for the newspaper, and then through a most intriguing book she had written. The Investment Collective often has need for ad-hoc reports containing detailed and accurate information, through which opportunities can be assessed. Susan’s gift for research and writing made her an obvious choice to undertake such work.

The Investment Collective commissioned Susan to complete three such tasks in short order. These research projects covered fields as diverse as regional links driven by sporting fixtures, regulation pertaining to commercialisation of commercial solar arrays and a comparison of the instances of domestic violence across certain postcodes.

Susan can write, she is analytical and very computer literate. In each case her work exceeded expectation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Susan for any project requiring the application of high level research skills, more or less regardless of the topic.

Research case study

Posted on June 27, 2018 by susan

Our client wanted information to assess whether it was economically viable for them to organise group flights from their regional city to sporting fixtures and cultural events.

The carrier nominated was a regionally based air company with a modern jet fleet, providing faster and quieter flights over long flight ranges. Full-load range was identified from the air carrier’s website. Flight distances and times were sourced from www.greatcirclemapper.net Hence locations able to be reached within the full-load range were identified.

Additionally these jets are able to use shorter and narrower runways than most other commercial jet aircraft. This enables them to service locations not available to other carriers, making a point of difference for the market. Airport specifications were sourced from www.gcmap.com

The most recent report (2009-2010) from the Australian Bureau of Statistics into spectators attending sporting events revealed the top ten most watched sports. Queensland Events website was consulted for sports and other possible events. Sporting and cultural events within the full-load range were assembled into an annual calendar. This calendar included team sports, motor sports, the annual Birdsville Races and the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Passenger carrying capacity per flight was identified from the carrier’s website. We liaised with senior staff of the carrier to obtain wholesale charter rate and hence determine costs per passenger.

Our report to the client included all details of the methods used, a map showing maximum flight range of the jets, a calendar of events and fixtures within the flight range, and passenger costs per flight.

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