Welcome to Creekholme Research and Reports. We undertake desktop information research for our clients and report the findings back in the format most useful to you. Whether it is for business or personal use, for employment or family matters, we undertake extensive searches on your behalf.

We’re a specialist information research and reporting firm. We only undertake secondary research, sometimes called desktop research or information discovery. We don’t undertake primary research, so we don’t do surveys, focus groups or market research. We spend our time searching for the specific existing information you need and packaging it for your specific use. Your time is then free to focus on your core business.


“as much as 90% of the content of the web is invisible to search engines”†

†Building and Running a Successful Research Business, Bates, 2010, 2nd edition, CyberAge Books, Medford, New Jersey.

In addition to the information that can be found (or at least identified) in cyberspace, there is still much information stored in hard copy only, which may be useful to a person or for a specific use. Identifying its existence, locating it and accessing it will require our distinct skills.

In the era of big data you need a guide in the information labyrinth

Web, open access

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Ask
  • Yahoo!
  • Trove
  • GoPubMed
  • MedlinePlus

Web, subscriber only

  • AgeLine
  • Compendex
  • EconLit
  • GeoRef
  • Informit
  • Inspec
  • LexisNexis
  • Medline
  • Merck Index
  • Questia
  • Scopus
  • SpringerLink

Physical records

  • Govt files and archives (National, State, Local)
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Commercial files and archives
  • Small Special Interest Groups
  • Community Groups
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